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Policy Brief


Australia funds education top-down: Taxes are collected into general revenue via the ATO and then allocated to the Federal Treasury Department which provides funding to the States and other Departments who then fund schools.


The lion's share of this funding sticks to the fingers of bureaucrats instead of going to educational services.


This method of funding needs to change, the benefits being: Better education for our children,  increased parental choice and reduced cost to the tax payer. Read more.

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Our Manifest Destiny - Among the Stars

Funding must be set aside to start an Australian space program.

As our terrestrial and orbital infrastructure expands, the cost and availability of space travel will decrease to within the means of every Australian. A great diaspora of humankind, led by Australia to colonise numerous worlds beyond Earth.

It's cheaper than you think.

Earth from Space


There are several nuisance taxes in Australia that generate little-to-no revenue and create substantial compliance costs for businesses.

Additionally, the small increase in the cost of goods and services are passed on to every level of consumption raising the cost of living.

These taxes should be abolished. Read more.



Australia has neglected our defence spending for decades, 5% of GDP is considered baseline for an effective defence force (We've averaged less than 2 since 1989).

Defence spending must be increased to modernise and expand our fleets, our air and drone forces. Initially 6-8% of GDP to develop our own defence industries, including maritime and step down to 5% over the next 20 years. Read more.

Image by Marc-Antoine Déry

Immigration and Borders

Alan supports the current bipartisan status quo:

-Points-based immigration policy.

-Offshore processing.

-Criminal deportation.

Family in Airport

Climate, Energy and the Environment

Australia has such a small population and economy in the grand scheme of the Earth that we cannot influence climate.

Our policy must be to ADAPT rather than seek to PREVENT Climate change.


Beyond climate change, we must deal with droughts, bush fires and floods as the El Niño Southern Oscillation brings annual and decadal swings in our weather conditions. Read more.

Dark Ocean

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