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Alan's grandfather was well known in pistol competition shooting in South Australia and Alan spent time during his youth learning from his grandfather. This experience taught Alan to respect, but not to fear, firearms and gave him an understanding of their recreational value.

Firearms Policy

Australian soldiers were so effective in WWI and II because we as a nation are independent thinkers and our soldiers had grown up with rifles in hand, hunting rabbits, pigs and 'roos. Given the threats we face in the region today, this tradition must be maintained. We must also acknowledge that licensed, law-abiding shooters are not criminals-in-waiting or a potential public safety threat.

I have unconditional support for hunting, target shooting, collecting, volunteer pest control, and occupational reasons as valid and legitimate reasons for firearms ownership regardless of where someone lives.

I support Category C firearms for hunters and competition/target shooters, as some competitions involve the use of such rifles and shotguns. For example 3-gun shooting competitions often award the highest prizes and are the most popular in the Northern Hemisphere. Australians should be able to train for and compete in these international competitions as well.

I acknowledge the National Firearms Agreement is flawed, it is a gentleman's agreement only not law nor part of the constitution and it is given too much deference. One change I support is the ending of mandatory participation requirements as they present a barrier to entry to anyone seeking to start in the sport.

I also offer support for public/state land hunting - Wild pigs are a significant problem in Queensland and other states, it can only benefit the Australian environment to allow our dedicated hunters to help cull them.

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